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Featured Character

Born among privilege, Odeon was a child prodigy as most children of the Jovian Moons were. He was trained from age 2 by a old martial arts master named Chang Wufei, who trained him in both Chinese Martial Arts and modern history. The first-hand accounts of the Eve Wars from a thought-to-be-dead hero of them opened up the youth's eyes to the politics in the world. His parents ensured that Odeon would become a top senator in this repect, and encouraged him to question popular decision and explore philosophy.

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Featured Mecha

Odeon Satoki piloted the CMSG-55 Gundam Bahamut during the Gemini War until his resignation from the ICS. His rank as legate allowed him freedom on the battlefield, protecting the Jovian colonies from the Lightning Wave. After successfully surviving many battles, Odeon abandoned the Gundam on Mars, and soon became a Zodiac against his will. After escaping Gemini Conditioning, he returned to his suit and piloted it during the final battle against Gemini. The USF then ordered the Gundam dissolved in the sun, ending the career of this Gundam.

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Planet Spotlight

Niflheim is a small planet far from Jotunheim, and even further from the Asgard System's sun. It is, needless to say, frozen. Beneath it's surface lies a series of empty lava tubes that are heated from the semi-molten core. It's mainly composed of an easily refinable iron and related ore. Its main moon is Svartheim, which posesses the important port city Ascalon.

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