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The rule of Gemini depended on a class of supersoldiers crafted to be giants on the battlefield. To crush the opposition, the decision was made to craft more Newtypes like Regal and Imperious were desired. However, due to the time to create a clone still took many years, Gemini was forced to find Newtypes outside of the foundation to fill the role.

The process of crafting a Zodiac involved the removal of the pilot's personality and memories, leaving a blank slate capable of being molded into the perfect killing machine. After the creation of most of the Zodiacs, the process to age a clone and copy memories into it was perfected. Most of the Zodiacs were copied themselves. The clones were used as replacements for Zodicas who either died or were too unruly to be controlled any further.

On the battlefield, the Zodiacs were given the best in technology, including fearsome Gundams and Mobile Armours that could only be controlled by the super soldiers. The mecha would be the standout icon of the Gemini warlords, symbols of the proclaimed omnipotence prophesized by the foundation.

Below is the list of the Zodiacs. All thirteen served Gemini as servant-soldiers, acting as knights in the grand Newtype Empire that almost suceeded.

- Odeon Satoki - The Zodiac Aries

- Hayai Yuushi - The Zodiac Taurus

- Pollux and Castor Polydeuces - The Zodiacs Gemini

- Jeb Halo - The Zodiac Cancer

- Thomas Epsilon - The Zodiac Leo

- Astraea Kushrenada - The Zodiac Virgo

- Bryan Draco - The Zodiac Libra

- Kaitou - The Zodiac Ophiuchus

- Miran Caise - The Zodiac Scorpio

- Phrixus Kushrenada - The Zodiac Sagittarius

- Unknown - The Zodiac Capricorn

- Jade Cassel - The Zodiac Aquarius

- Unknown - The Zodiac Pisces

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