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Named After: Named after leventine port
Relative Size: .4 Earths
Satellites: None

A former central port of the GHOST Empire, the city was now fortified as the naval center of AWARE operations. Situated on the moon Svartheim, COIN built the port to serve as a financial center handling the mass amounts of imports and exports that strengthened the Congress. Its purpose to serve Niflheim evolved into a strategic base during the GHOST wars, serving as the base of the United Nation fleet through several campaigns. After the siege on Niflheim left the cities below devastated by war, the city was abandoned for Midgard, and for 4 months only a few people remained. Now the port is reopened, and the settlement grows.


Season of Mists


October 9, AC 279 - A coalition of seven nations met under the grand dome, built within three months of precious silver marble, unique to the moon. The Representatives of Eudora, the Niflheim remnant, Bacchus, Dionysus, Jukar, Gaia, and the allied Industrial colonies. The Representative from the Brahman System were very late to the ceremony. Before the delegates lay golden keys, made from electrum and signifying ownership of the port. The city was being turned over to the Niflheim remnant as of terms from its own battles with Eudora. While all members had a key, Niflheim would be the first to turn the key into the ceremonial locked door to the city. Soldiers of the Sixth Army of Ananta attacked the ceremony in order to attack Kjinnis Mono.

Notable Places

Ascalon - Port City.

Meaning of the Name

Ascalon was the oldest and largest seaport in ancient Canaan, one of the "five cities" of the Philistines. It was an important Hellenistic seaport, one of the most important Crusader cities.

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