Odeon Satoki

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Odeon Satoki
Aliases: Ikotas Noedo, The First Zodiac, Soldier Aries
Birth Date: AC 237
Birth Place: Metis; Jupiter
Nationality: Jupitorian Colonial
Height: 6'
Weight: 180 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Blood Type:
Genetic Status: Unclassified Newtype


Character Background

Odeon is the first Character, based off Bryan Weedon, the founder of GWN. While he has passed into the West of internet obscurity, we will forever remember his sacrifices.

Genetic Analysis

Thomas Epsilon

Weapons of the Trade

Did he use a Gun?

Mobile Suits Used


Odeon Satoki as Soldier Aries.

Born among privilege, Odeon was a child prodigy as most children of the Jovian Moons were. He was trained from age 2 by a old martial arts master named Chang Wufei, who trained him in both Chinese Martial Arts and modern history. The first-hand accounts of the Eve Wars from a thought-to-be-dead hero of them opened up the youth's eyes to the politics in the world. His parents ensured that Odeon would become a top senator in this repect, and encouraged him to question popular decision and explore philosophy.

At the young age of sixteen, he was appointed the youngest under-legate of the ICS. By eighteen he was elected to a seat among the Io Colonial Senate (ICS) and was soon appointed the Legate of Ganymede. The Senatorial rank of garrison commander was both ceremonial and a serious military rank, where he would be trained by actual military commanders to become a better soldier and understand the needs of the military.

His career as Legate would be one of records and heartache. His record of youngest Under-Legate would be broken by his own, Kari Shiro. Odeon soon was assigned his own Gundam, and like other senators, would defend ICS borders in the mobile suit. A mostly uneventful childhood would change his life as a Legate. His career would be marked by achievement and glory, and Odeon was set to become a great leader.

With the appearance of Lightning, and the emergence of Gemini, the young pilot's life would change. Fearing his own weaknesses, he tried to push his own psychic abilities to the point where he could match the other Gemini. He was ultimately driven insane by the intense mental training, he hijacked one of his own shuttles, and crashed in the desolate deserts of Mars.

On Mars, Odeon adopted the reverse of his real name as an alias. With the new name, he began to fight in small mecha games in the desert at the Seven Jewels. With the fame of participating in the games, Gemini abducted the Newtype youth, and set about transforming him into the first Zodiac, Aries. (Note: First does not mean that Odeon was the first of the Zodiac, simply that Aries is the first Zodiac symbol)

After being transformed, the already damaged mind of Odeon could not cope with the power that he had gained. After his buried memories were lodged to the surface by another rebellious Zodiac, Darkwolf, Odeon eventually realized who he was. Once gaining his full memory, Odeon and Darkwolf escaped Gemini's hold, and Odeon eventually help lead the alliance against the foundation.

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