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Nidavellir (A-3)
Named After: Named after the Norse dark fields
Relative Size: - Earths
Satellites: None

Nidavellir is a small planet, roughly the size of Mars. It is a dark volcanic planet with nitrogen rich soil. Although further from Yggdrasil than Midgard, the volcanic activity keeps the temperature up to a balmy 300 degrees celsius. There isn't much ore on the planet, although with some terraforming it would be a great place to farm, and could easily feed a blossoming populace.



Meaning of the Name

Nidavellir (dark fields) is a land inhabited by the dwarves. It might be related to the later mention of the Dark Fells, a mountain chain in the underworld. Nidavellir has often been interpreted as one of the nine worlds of Norse cosmology, so as such it might be identical to the Svartheim, land fo the black-elves. The black-elves are generally thought by scholars to be a synonym used for dwarves.

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