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The brainchild of Brian Weedon and Jorge Barron, the Lightning Wave was the first main NPC threat to the role playing game. Their appearance marked the beginning of the first storyline of GWN and started the era. While the back story was retconned by tomduo under orders by Brian Weedon, everything that happened in the Lightning Wave occurred due to the mass participation of GWN Members.


The Lighting Wave have begun sometime in late AC 240s by the Gemini Foundation. On April 1, AC 254 a squadron of Mobile Dolls was first recorded. The squad attacked trade ships and Jupiter Energy Fleet carriers in the dead space between Mars and Jupiter. The mobile dolls are actually the field test of the Gemini Foundation, who used the weapons for research and development. The attacks occurred on and off for two years until on June 2, AC 256 the suits attacked the Martian Confederation's Pluto Colony. As a result, the Confederation assigns a specific network to investigate the threat which largely remained just a legend of truckers.

By July 18, AC 258 all four governments have individually assigned commissions to investigate the phenomenon, which had been successfully identified as a mobile suit force. The source of these suits remained wholly unknown to the governments. On November 7th of that same year, the Four-Leaves Peace Alliance Treaty was signed by the Martian Confederation, Earth First Federation, La Grange Pointe Council, and Io Colonial Senate. A main stipulation of the treaty was to deal with the Lightning Wave, so named after the lightning symbol transmission sent out before the attack to disrupt sensors.

A daring attack by the Dolls was made on the Seven Jewels of Mars on March 16, AC 259 when all seven cities are attacked by the Wave, killing an estimated 13,000 Martian citizens. The chaos created by the raids left the Martian Confederation weakened, and strengthened the army's resolve to find the source of the Mobile Dolls. Several of the mecha were recovered and helped aid Martian Mobile Suit development up to the end of the Gemini War.

The Alliance finally struck back on the wave on September 12 of AC 259, using tracking technology developed by the La Grange Pointe Council. A further application of the technology resulted in the December 28 discovery of the Bolt-Class Command Ship in orbit around the asteroid Eros. It was revealed that the ship was mining that asteroid in conjunction with several other Spark-Class Carriers to rapidly boast their numbers through advanced mobile mining and manufacturing drones. A quick three day rally of the alliance forces led to the New Years Day battle assault on the Bolt.

While on January 1, AC 260 the Lightning Wave Mobile Dolls worked on building new units among themselves using plundered and newly resources, the Alliance approached the rally point. The quick attacks by the Gundams and support suits dominated the mobile suits, who were incapable of dealing with the superior numbers of the Alliance. The Bolt and most of the Spark command ships remain completely destroyed, but some units survive to retreat to Gemini bases.

After the destruction of the Bolt, the human-less assaults of the dolls all but ended. The Lightning Wave continued in Gemini service under the Zodiac soldiers Imperious and Regal, conducting raids within a month of the Bolt battle. The Zodiacs commanded waves attacking the Venus Garrison on April 20, resulting in a Lightning Wave loss, but showcased the power of the Gemini Zodiacs. On May 22 the wave was encountered again, but this time conducting a materials exchange under the command of the Zodiac Regal. This sortie between Martian and ICS forces marked the last time that the Lightning Wave would serve as a main Gemini force.

After the May 22 appearance, the Lighting wave would only appear to back up Gemini forces. While the GMX-001 Rubicon would replace the Lightning Wave's role as primary Mobile Doll of the Gemini Foundation, the Lighting wave in some form or another would continued to be used by the Gemini foundation up until its final demise.

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