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Time Lines

Current History (ON HOLD)

AC 300

May 20 - A special congress on Earth abolishes the AWARE treaty and immediately suspends all interstellar commerce. The emergency session sets out to draft a unilateral constitution to reform rule throughout the galaxy.

May 25 - The emergency council solidifies a final charter and disperses it to all former AWARE worlds.

May 27 - All worlds agree to the new charter and declare that it should be adopted as the new formal constitution for a multi-system government to monitor interstellar security. June 1st is set to be the formal formation of the new Republic.

May 31 - The special congress establishes the Department of Newtype Investigations before the establishment of the Republic. The department is grandfathered in and established in secret on Svartheim. Thomas Epsilon is installed as the head of the department, which is used to contain Newtypes operating against peace and common safety.

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