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Created in August of 2000 by tomduo, Brian Weedon, Jorge Barron, and aided by all members of GWN who participated up to March 31, 2001.



While the date is unknown, the Gemini Foundation was formed sometime between the years After Colony 215 and 220 as an offshoot of several independent investors. One notable investor was the remnants of the Romefellar Foundation, who had an interest in the evolution of humanity. Gemini was formed to study this new stage of evolution, where humankind would evolve to be stronger, physically and mental.

In the beginning, testing was more basic, a few card games and a monitoring of brain waves. It was in these tests that a pair of twin prodigies were discovered: Hyas and Klyas Polydueces.

As war was escalated between Mars and the Earth, both sides begin identifying and interring psychics, under fear that they are spies. With the development of the hyper-drive, and construction of colony ships, Gemini relocated its assets to the outskirts of the solar system. The relocation was due to the fear that the research would be corrupted due to the war. The cost of this move is incredible, and the companies that financed Gemini go bankrupt.

In the stars, however, Gemini grows. It is in this time where a clear definition of what an higher evolved human is, and these persons were labeled Newtype. With newly built colonies around Neptune, the Polydueces brothers begin a massive recruitment of newtypes throughout the Earth, Mars, and the various colonies throughout the solar system.

Among this silent recruitment of Newtypes, a pair of blue mobile suits begin raiding deep space shipments. A strange aura is seen around these suits, and those who see them claim they are ghosts of Gundams from the past. It is known now that they were the brothers Polydueces, testing mobile suit technology, and acquiring supplies for the Gemini Foundation's Neptune colonies.

Meanwhile, on the Martian moon of Phobos, the Martian Confederation was well into a genetic modification program labeled Akuma. Most of the results led to mentally disturbed children, shattered by the genetic altering and technological enhancements. The Polydueces brothers both attacked this installation, however the results ended up splitting the pair. Kylas, the softer of the two, wanted to free the children, and help them with the Gemini technology. Hyas, the harder brother, wanted to improve on the technology, and create super newtypes. The resulting clash of ideals led to Kylas leaving the foundation and the information gained from the raid being incorporated in the Gemini database. The project was left, however, in Martian hands as the research began again.

With this, a dark time came for humanity. Mars's Akuma project continued, until it was destroyed by a multitude of mobile dolls. The dolls would transmit video of lightning storms to confuse their targets, thus they were labeled "The Lightning Wave". The dolls are actually Gemini technology, sent out to collect intelligence and supplies. The attacks continued up until all the governments affected by the raids formed an uneasy alliance to stop them.

The alliance converged on the Gemini control ship, Bolt. The battle started as an assault on the Lightning Wave, however it ended up turning into a debacle. The uneasy alliance was broken, as the vary governments attacked each other. A positive outcome was that the Bolt was destroyed in the chaos.

This was not the end of the dolls, however, as the attacks continued in lesser numbers. The governments retaliated on their own terms, and in the chaos, the blue Gundams returned. Known only as Imperious and Regal, the blue suits dominated when mobile dolls could not. The governments began to fear these unknown threats, and begin a massive re-armament of mecha technology.

After Martian forces lose several of their star pilots under mysterious circumstances, the Earth is blamed for the kidnappings. The Jupiter government also loses several Newtype pilots under hazy circumstances, and begins investigations to the abductions. The fragile Martian-Terran relations do not go so peacefully, as Mars declares war. The entire Martian space fleet was assembled, as an invasion of Earth was engaged.

In this invasion, the Gemini foundation under Hyas's lead would take center stage. Gemini allied itself with the weaker Earth, and deployed a massive force that managed to defeat the Martians. The only demand Gemini asked for from Earth, was ownership of Earth's moon. And with this act, Gemini became a power, and humanity would be forever changed.

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