CMSG-55 Gundam Bahamut

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CMSG-55 Gundam Bahamut
Model Type: Io Colonial Senate
Pilot System: Psycommu System
Construction: Gundanium Beta Alloy
Date Built: July 12, AC 255
Date Destroyed: April 1st, AC 261
Design Features: Psycommu System, Hyper-Jammer Stealth Suite
Weaponry: Fixed Armaments
  • 2 x Vulcans, mounted in the head
  • 1 x Beam Trident
  • 1 x Dragon Fang, mounted on left arm, embedded with flame throwers
  • 1 x Beam Rifle, mounted on thigh
Pilots: Odeon Satoki

Design Features

Psycommu System The Psycommu (Psychic Communication) system translates psychic energy into computer commands. The result allows a psychic pilot to easily operate mobile weapons by thought alone. Still, manual controls are installed in case the system is damaged.


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