Asgard System

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Asgard System (A System)
Named After: Named after the Norse Gods of Terran Culture
Coordinates: 185 W,50 S,199 H
Astral Bodies: The following are astral bodies in the A System

Main Star

Yggdrasil (A-0) - A blue giant whose life expectancy is due to end in another three million years.

Inner System

Asteroids and Debris; Bifrost - The remains of a shattered planet that was destroyed shortly after it's formation. It was struck by a Moon sized comet made almost entirely of ice. The ice intercepts light from Yggdrasil long before it reaches any hospitable planet, and often gives a spectacular rainbow like display upon a planet's atmosphere.

Muspelheim (A-1) - Muspelheim is aptly named the World of Fire. It is composed almost entirely of iron, and said iron is but a scant few hundred degrees from it's melting point. Very close to Yggdrasil, it will be engulfed almost immediately once the star begins its death throes.

Midgard (A-2) - Also known as Eudora, Midgard is the only hospitable planet in the Asgardian System. The atmosphere is largely the same, only with a higher concentration of oxygen in the air than Earth's. Climate as a whole around the planet is much colder than Earth, and temperate only around it's equator. The planet has thriving arctic life, and hardy evergreen-like trees grow almost everywhere. Like all planets of the Asgardian system, the composition of it's firmament below the crust is mainly that of iron and other similar metals. It has two moons, Frey and Freya. Both are meteors that were captured by Midgard's gravitational pull.

Notable Satellites - Alcázar Asteroid

Nidavellir (A-3) - A small planet, roughly the size of Mars. It is a dark volcanic planet with nitrogen rich soil. Although further from Yggdrasil than Midgard, the volcanic activity keeps the temperature up to a balmy 300 degrees celsius. There isn't much ore on the planet, although with some terraforming it would be a great place to farm, and could easily feed a blossoming populace.

Outer System

Vanaheim (A-4) - Vanaheim is referred to as a gas giant rather loosely. It has a core roughly the size of Midgard, composed of iron, nickel, and copper. Veiled around the core is an extremely thick atmosphere of seemingly impenetrable green vapor. Due to limited exploration, the only details known about this planet are from a single unmanned surface expedition, in which the drone was destroyed upon impact.

Jotunheim (A-5) - A standard gas giant. The planet's hue is a grayish blue, and it is surrounded by several moons and two rings of ice. The most notable moons are Ran which has an ocean covered encased in a thick layer of ice, and Fulla, which has a small asteroid orbiting it.

Niflheim (A-6) - A small planet far from Jotunheim. It is, needless to say, frozen. Beneath it's surface lies a series of empty lava tubes that are heated from the semi-molten core. It's mainly composed of an easily refinable iron and related ore.

Notable Satellites - Svartheim, home to the port of Ascalon.

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